Hello World!

So, it’s time I actually started using my website for something other than just storing files in the internet so that various people can access them. Or just using it as an ftp server to ship files between shell accounts. Yes, I know, I need to learn to use *nix properly. But that’s for another day.

Thus, Hello World! The blog begins, and hopefully I’ll remember to write stuff in here every now and again.

Today is a Saturday, and it’s mid afternoon now. It’s raining outside, a constant drizzle. I rather like the atmosphere it creates; it’s nice and warm in my apartment, and the incandescent lights foster a nice warm fuzzy feeling inside. A few days ago, the local weather predictions were for the first snowfall of the season late in the evening, but it didn’t eventuate. Regardless of what my officemates were saying, I didn’t think it was cold enough to snow – the air just didn’t have that “it’s going to snow!” feeling to it. However, as I look at my little forecastfox icons while writing this, it’s predicting “Showers of Rain and Snow” for Monday, then “Cold with Snow Showers” for Tuesday, so perhaps we’ll see some early snow this year. I remember the first time I saw it snowing in earnest last year was on Thanksgiving, which is at the end of the month. To get snowshowers this early on would be something new (for me at least). I’m looking forward to the snow, because that means the ski season will open soon, and that should be a lot of fun.

I usually spend some time on the weekends cleaning my apartment, but I haven’t gotten around to that yet today. I blame the weather. Or perhaps I should blame the fact that my apartment is mostly clean already. Regardless, it is about a 50 metre walk outside to get to the laundry, and that doesn’t work so well when it’s raining. I wonder what doing laundry will be like in the snow…

Anyway, I should get on with my life and work 🙂 I hope you’ll enjoy reading up on my adventures as they happen!


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  1. Felix says:

    Ah, finally.

    Weather over here made a false start into summer, and then decided to bugger that and go back to winter.

    Looking forward to your adventures. I’m sure you’ve got plenty to say on the topics of tutoring, marking, the state of physics, getting a phd and living in the US.

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