Finally, Snow!

Wednesday, and it’s snowing. Beautiful! It was really nice to awake this morning to see little white flakes falling outside. There was snow yesterday, but very brief and very light. Today, it’s been snowing for a goodly number of hours. And Ithaca is just on the edge of everything – there’s been big snowstorms just to the Northeast a little ways. But, there we have it. Snow in October. Hooray! Although it’s been hovering around freeezing all day, it’s just not cold enough for the ground to develop any accumulation (generally the ground is warmer than the air). Soon enough, though, I have no fear!

I’ve been taking a beginner’s figure skating course at Cornell. It’s actually an undergraduate PE course, but I’m auditing it for fun (yes, I still need to pay). I’ve been having a lot of fun with it, and even have my own shiny skates. Alas though, I missed one of the lessons, and so I’ve needed to take a makeup class. Well, I didn’t really need to, but I wanted to. It’s more fun that way – I’m enjoying my skating. Anyway, the makeup class that was easiest for me to attend was the intermediate figure skating course, which runs in the hour immediately previous to the beginner’s figure skating course. I was able to follow along quite well, until they decided to do some jumps, at which point I fell on my side, and now I have a nice big bruise. In the beginner’s class, we started doing the basic jumps. They were much easier!

If you’re Australian, you’re probably at least vaguely interested in what the Aussie dollar is doing (and even if you’re not Australian, you might be interested to see what it’s done ;-). It’s at the stage that I’m planning on shipping money over to Australia, because the exchange rate is so favourable (if only I had money to ship!). The Aussie dollar almost hit parity with the US dollar a few months back, then took a very sharp decline, about the same time these financial problems started. As I write, it’s currently hovering at around $0.65 USD. If you’re interested in seeing some graphs, is alright, and has up to date figures. However, has more historical data, and shows the way the trend has gone recently! It’s quite a graph, I recommend you check it out!

Anyway, I’ve got a friend coming over for dinner tonight, and I’ve got a lovely pasta sauce planned (complete with fresh tomatos and LOTS of fresh basil – you can never have too much basil =) I’m rather looking forward to it.

Catch you on the flip side,

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  1. Felix says:

    The currency exchange sucks. I mean, I can’t buy cheap things over the internet anymore D:

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