Week’s End

So, the weekend was pretty good, in all. While I didn’t get the grading done that I had wanted to, I did get my house cleaned, and I’ve finished off the problem set that’s due at the end of this coming week. I think this is the earliest I’ve ever had it finished, and it feels good. I’m rather proud of it, actually – this problem set involved solving a system of differential equations numerically, which I’d never done before. I took a fair while to get Mathematica and Maple to behave, alas, but I finally got there. This week should be a productive one, I hope!

I’d sent out some emails to the physics grad students at Cornell inviting them to come iceskating with me this evening. It wasn’t expensive, $4 for an hour and a half, or $6 if you needed skates too. A lot of people had expressed an interest in coming. Alas, only two others came. But still, it was fun. I figured out the problem I’d been mulling over all day while on the ice, so it was definitely worth it.

I made pancakes today. I’ve been meaning too for a while, but hadn’t gotten around to it. Complete with maple syrup from Canada, fresh raspberries, and vanilla icecream. Mmmm! I made up a fairly large mix, so it should keep me going for a while!

Otherwise, I’ve stolen a couple more eggs from the random egg drop; you can see them up in the top right hand corner. The multicoloured one is an uncommon egg. The new eggs are in need of some attention; Conan is looking after them, but she also wants to go out adventuring, so please click them for her. I’ll tell you who Conan is later 😉

Hope you’ve had a good weekend,

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2 Responses to Week’s End

  1. Felix says:

    Complete with maple syrup from Canada, fresh raspberries, and vanilla icecream.

    You You You You…


  2. Jolyon says:

    Only for you, bro 😉

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