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Today it was snowing with big snowflakes. Of course, I’m excited about the prospect of snow! But it wasn’t predicted, and I had to ride my bike in it… and I’m also tired, after having spent a late night grading papers. That isn’t the most fun thing to do, especially since I’m grading in a field that I no longer have much interest in whatsoever, but I am being paid a reasonably good rate to get it done, so I really should get it done =) (and yes, it is done, until Thanksgiving, when I’ve got my last problem set to grade). But anyway, snow! It snowed for most of the day, but it wasn’t cold enough to have any accumulation.

I finally got my bath fixed today. There was a funky plug mechanism that was supposed to replace the plug. But it didn’t work. Apparently, the switch thing wasn’t even connected to anything, nor did anything exist to connect it to, so no surprise it wasn’t working. But now, shiny new plug 🙂 It felt nice to have a bath this evening, and let those weary bones just soak. It was especially nice after riding my bike through falling snow four times today!

On the subject of my license, my next course of appeal was the Supreme Court. Apparently, in New York, the Supreme Court isn’t the one at the top, but one somewhere in the middle, which is a bit strange. Regardless, I thought that anything with the name “Supreme” in it was a little out of my league, and it would probably just be easier to live with the suspension. So, I’m in the unusual position of having a car, but no license. Good thing I’ve got some friends in the opposite situation 😉 I called the DMV to see how flexible the suspension was, but alas, it’s set in stone, which is kind of annoying. The suspension starts on Thanksgiving (which was basically what I wanted to change it away from, which sadistic person set that date for me?), and lasts until the end of January, which is rather annoying, because that covers all of Christmas, New Years, and all of my winter “break” (not that I was planning on having much of a break, but still some of a break was planned regardless). On the plus side, if people visit me, they can drive my little frost bug… 😉

There are mountains of leaves around at the moment. Just over a week ago, there was a lovely lot of autumn leaves outside my window; a few days ago, I noticed that all the leaves were gone. There aren’t many deciduous trees left with leaves on that aren’t all brown and curled up now. Here’s a piccy of the view from my window (from last week) for your viewing pleasure.

So, what else? I had a rather productive week last week, despite the kerfuffle with my license. For perhaps the first time since I started TAing General Relativity, I actually got a good amount of work done. I hope the trend continues this week (although today’s been mostly a writeoff so far, but the night is yet young ;)).

Obama’s managed to sweep up the elections – yay for North Carolina going blue! Yay for Omaha (district of Nebraska) going blue too (rather unexpected)! Boo for Missouri not being its usual bellwether! Optimism around campus is high at the moment. Everybody I’ve talked to is rather glad things went how they did.

I’ve made some changes to the blog; you can now register yourself as a reader and create a login etc, so you don’t continually have to type your details when you leave comments. Also, you can give the site a link to a piccy for an avatar if you like 🙂

I’ve written up a page on RSS/Atom feeds, but it needs some editing before I post it. I’m feeling lazy at the moment, but I’ll get around to it sometime this week probably (most likely while procrastinating).

My little dragons are growing nicely; they’ve actually come along quite quickly, and I feel I should write a page about them too. I’ll get around to it sometime (once again, most likely while procrastinating).

One more little gripe… Those of you who’ve known me for a while were probably aware that I had a strange lump on my tongue, which had been there my entire life. Well, I finally got it removed. The procedure was fairly painless, and it’s healed really really well. I don’t expect it to end up costing all that much in the end, either (fingers crossed on Cornell’s health insurance). However, after removing the lump, the dentist said that he’d have it sent off to pathology, just to make sure it wasn’t anything dangerous. I thought this was reasonable enough, but I’d forgotten which country I live in at the moment. There’s really no such thing as a free lunch here 🙁 I got a bill in the mail yesterday for $178 for the pathology test. I don’t even know what result came back, although I assume it was null. I once again hope that the Cornell health insurance plan is really up to scratch, but I somehow doubt that I’m going to be impressed. *sigh*, just when I thought I was getting on top of my finances too, I get thrown another big (and unexpected) bill. That’s food for three weeks, you know?

One final thing.  On the weekend, the Physics Grad Society finally had the Ropes Course that we’ve been planning for so long. It went really, really well, and was a lot of fun. It was a really strange feeling to be so high up in the air, especially for the exercises that required you to jump or make a leap of faith (faith in your harness, that is!). Standing on top of a tall pole while it wobbles back and forth and attempting to jump out to grab onto something is really not easy! I could feel my heartbeat increasing rapidly as adrenaline set in for the various activities, but it was a lot of fun. I’ll put up some pics if I get hold of any good ones 🙂

Hope all is well for everyone!


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