Dawn of a New Week

Mmm, not much to write about at the moment. Last night I had a dream that I got another speeding ticket. I found that idea a bit scary. I played bridge tonight; we had a pretty bad night: -147 Imps. That’s a shocker, really! The field was behaving itself, unfortunately, meaning that we were the only pair missing out on game contracts and slams.

I took a look at Google Chrome last night. It seems to be a nice lightweight browser. I think I’ll stick to Firefox, but for rapid multi-tabbed browsing, google chrome does pretty well. I tried opening 77 tabs (as an experiment) in firefox, and the computer basically froze; chrome could handle it much, much better. It still slowed the system down a lot, but at least it didn’t lock up like firefox did.

It’s been snowing here recently. Yesterday, I was indoors until about 8 pm, and when I went outside to ride home, there was an inch of snow on everything, and it was all white and beautiful. Tonight, there was 2 inches of snow on my car to clear before driving to bridge. Snow is in the air, so to speak. I love the snow. However, it is getting colder; -5 degrees C outside at the moment. Time to get the winter clothes out for some warmth!

Hope all is well, wherever you are.


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