Brr and Iceskating!

So, when I look at my little outside thermometer and it says “-2 degrees celsius!”, I should really dress up, you know. It’s actually colder than that, because the thermometer is right up against the house, and thus picks up some extra warmth. Anyway, I foolishly did not dress warmer for the -4 degrees that it is outside at the moment, and I froze on my way in and out of uni! Ah well, winter is here. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Iceskating this morning was great; I finally got the hang of a simple spin. There’s a sweet spot on the skate’s blades, so that when you hit it and balance perfectly on it, you just spin, and spin, and spin, and spin… I had fun experimenting with angular momentum by taking my arms in and out while spinning. Much fun! At the end of the class, the teacher tried to teach us a more complex spin though, but I don’t think anybody got it. I certainly couldn’t. Maybe next time!

In other news, I’ve purchased Dealmaster Pro, which is a software package for Bridge (the card game). I’m hoping it will improve my bridge! We’ll see how it goes.

Jolyon out!

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2 Responses to Brr and Iceskating!

  1. Sarah says:

    Hi Jolyon!

    This is Sarah (Ben’s wife). I found the blog through facebook, clicked on your “About” section and was happy to see that you play Dungeons and Dragons. (Strictly speaking, I know that you said that you enjoy it rather than that you play it, but I am assuming that you do not mean as a spectator sport.)

    Ben and I were wondering recently if there were any grad students around who enjoyed this sort of thing. We haven’t played in quite a while, and Ben hasn’t played much as I sort of dragged him into it after we started dating. (He didn’t take too much prodding. I’m not cruel.) I’ve switched systems so many times I would almost certainly need to be reminded what I’m doing in D&D, but if you know of anyone who wants to run a game and would have the patience for that, we’d be interested!



  2. El Flounderero says:

    If you like that, you should watch “Knightmare”!

    Terrified me as a child, mind you!

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