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So, I know, I haven’t posted in over a year. April 2009? Meh… No idea what was happening back then. Well, I’m back. And I’ve added “Post on your blog” to my daily coffee, so I’m going to try and write stuff. I follow a couple of blogs where people are very good and update daily. The first is a friend Ele who always has cute quotes on the top of her entires. The second is my cousin Louise, who I think has done a really excellent job in putting something interesting on her blog each day. Alas, I’m not going to be nearly that interesting – she must put in hours! Regardless, it’s been really nice to find out what my cousin (and her immediate family) have been up to, given that I usually hear so rarely from my family back in Oz.

This evening, I had dinner with the colloquium speaker for the physics department tomorrow. It’s unusual for there to be no faculty to go to dinner with the speaker, so this was something new. Furthermore, the speaker is rather outside of my field, so I was a little worried that I’d really have nothing to talk about. Despite this, it turns out he’s a really cool guy, and I had a really great evening. A handful of graduate students, Holger (Muller, our guest), and myself went to Taste of Thai to begin with, followed by a bar called The Bandwagon. At the bar, I was a little concerned that I was driving, so I shouldn’t get something too alcoholic. I thus shied away from the wines and cocktails, thinking that they may have a little too much alcohol in them for me. If any of you know me, you know that I really dislike beer, but they had a “flight of beers” option with a variety of different beers to taste. I figured that there’d be a thimble or so of each, so I could taste a few different beers and not have too much to drink, but noooooo. Instead, I was presented with half a pint of five different beers (about two and a half standard drinks for you Aussies 😉 ). It took one sip of each to establish that the pale lager was vaguely drinkable and I really don’t like stout beers. But then I still had five beers sitting in front of me =S In the end, I managed to drink three of them over the course of an hour or so, and the others graciously helped me with the ones I really didn’t like.

I’m looking forward to the colloquium talk tomorrow. It should be really interesting. Perhaps you’ll see more of me here later. We shall see.

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