Piano and Dancing

This evening, I had a friend over for dinner, and this meant that I finally got around to cracking open the bottle of hard apple cider that I picked up at the Ithaca Apple Festival a few weeks ago. I find this particular bottle quite agreeable, and have been enjoying it all evening 😉

After dinner, my friend and I went off to the Cornell Ballroom Dancing Club for the evening lesson, which I rather enjoyed. The cha-cha routine wasn’t extended much from last week, but the waltz had a whole lot of new stuff which I rather enjoyed. Everything went well until we got to pivots, which I just couldn’t get. Something about foot brushing and hip movements and throwing the girl out of whack… eh, maybe next time.

After ballroom, I came home and did some piano practise. I’ve volunteered to play at the end of year concert for the Physics department, so I need to pull something together. I decided that it’s time to brush off the Ravel Sonatine (3rd mmt). I had it under my fingers some ten years ago, albeit at a reduced speed. The first step to relearning it is to get my fingers moving fast enough to play it once again. Yup, that means scales, arpeggios (ugh), Hannon, and the horror that is Dohnayani. However, I decided that I’d start by getting my scales under my fingers. Even when I was in practise, I don’t think that I ever just rattled off my scales. However, after a bit of practise, it appears that I can play all my scales (4 octaves, major, harmonic and melodic minors) in under five minutes. My left hand in particular feels quite strained after playing that much that quickly, which I guess means that it just doesn’t have the strength it used to. More practise required.

The Ravel Sonatine is meant to really shimmer when played correctly. I’m really quite pleased that it’s starting to shimmer – hopefully I can really have it together to perform it in December.

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