Well, I finally upgraded to verion 3.0.1 of WordPress. It figures, in the intervening years while I left my blog sit fallow, it got hacked. Boo hiss. Dodgy programmers with security holes… Anyway, it should be all good now. I think this means that people can leave comments again, and the RSS feed links should be happy once again, too. I’ll test that after this posts.

Today was fairly uninteresting. Rashid Sunyaev  (of Sunyaev-Zeldovich fame) is currently visiting Cornell, so I’ve been attending his talks. However, I really didn’t get anything out of the talks – they just seem so all over the place. I’ve started reorganising all of my PhD work into folders, as my desk was becoming an archaeological dig. Hopefully I can wrap that up tomorrow, as I’m not being particularly productive while I’m sorting through papers. I talked briefly to a close friend this evening, who reminded me just how much work you can get done when you set to it… I suspect she accomplished more in the past four days than I have in the past two weeks. Bad Jolyon.

Otherwise, I was on local radio this evening, promoting Lights Off, Cornell! You can check out all our good work at http://sustainablecampus.cornell.edu/lightsoff/. I’m rather proud that we’ve turned off over 25,000 lights in just over a month.

Now, to go and check to make sure that comments and RSS feeds are working properly…

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  1. Jolyon says:

    I guess commenting works… 😉

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