Spring Cleaning

In Australia, it’s currently spring, and so people down under are (theoretically) undergoing the process of spring cleaning. Over here, it’s heading on towards Winter – the trees are currently losing all their leaves, and I’m just waiting for it to start snowing again. Regardless, it felt like a good time to do some spring cleaning of my own. In particular, my office desk was becoming an archaeological dig with all the papers I had on it, and given that I couldn’t find the one that I wanted, it was time to introduce a new system.

Here is my newly cleaned desk (click for a bigger version):

Those two red folders you can see now contain the physical form of my PhD work to date. Of course, there’s plenty of work on that laptop too 😉 Of the two remaining piles of paper, one is ready to file away in a third folder (when I purchase it, probably tomorrow morning), and the other is a stack of papers that don’t belong on my desk at all and need to be sorted through/brought home/variously organised. Having cleaned my desk completely, I left for the day (but I took work home with me, I promise!).

The rest of the day was spent trying to pull together my Halloween costume. It’s currently 1 am, and I’ve just given up for the evening. I’m trying something technologically inspired, and things were looking good until about 11 this evening, when my housemates pointed out that one of the components is too smart for its own good (and I can’t undo its smartness, alas!), and so I find myself in need of a reflection transformation on the scanline signal. In other words, I need a mirror 🙂 I do have a small mirror, but it’s not quite large enough, so I’m hoping that the mirror and glass place downtown can knock something together for me quickly.

If you found that obtuse, that’s fine – I’m going to post full details on Saturday 😉 Fingers crossed on that mirror, though… The costume will be awesome, I know it!

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