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Along the road to getting published in a scientific journal, one of the things that happens is that your article gets typeset to fit the journal specifications. Despite providing LaTeX source for articles, I imagine that this is a fairly arduous process. I received the proofs for my first journal paper late last night, and as I expected, we’re going to have to request a second batch of proofs, there are so many errors. Part of the issue is that they want a two-column format, and I had a bunch of long equations which they tried to split over multiple lines (with moderate success). The part that annoys me most, however, is that I use a two lengthscale expansion as the methodology of the paper. For some reason, the editor thought that this looked wrong, and changed it everywhere to be a “two-length scale expansion”. Mr Editor, that makes no sense, I’m sorry. The other problem that we have (and I knew this was going to be a problem) was that a lot of quantities are indexed by some index, usually “n”. Given that I work with General Relativity, we have tensors. We have derivatives. We have things that are squared/cubed/etc. There’s a lot of numbers flying around. Typically, upper right = tensor stuffs or squared/cubed/etc. Lower right = tensor stuffs or derivatives (or sometimes both, but that’s not confusing because derivatives always come after a comma). Putting the “n” in the upper or lower right was just confusing, and so we decided to put the “n” index in the upper left. Alas though, this meant that it was easy to confuse it as “the previous quantity to the power of n”. This is particularly bad when the previous quantity is a number. Like 2. I made sure to make it really, really, really obvious where the “n” belonged. The proofs? Not so. There are a lot of 2^n’s floating around. This will be a painful proofreading exercise =S

Otherwise, I had my weekly Swedish massage course today. I have discovered massage techniques almost guaranteed to put you to sleep. Mmmm… I do like a good foot massage. As per usual, still require guineapigs to experiment on (yes, that’s a free massage; if you feel guilty, cook me dinner ;-).

Finally, I had my Swing Dance Club Halloween dance tonight. Dance was nothing special (unless you count me forgetting most of what I ever knew about swing dance), but most importantly, I got my costume working. And it’s freaking awesome. Details tomorrow! (Spoiler: I managed to pick up a 3″x3″ mirror this morning ^^).

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  1. niroz says:

    Heh, my flatmate Daniel is always taking about how latex solves all layout/design issues. Maybe this will at least make him a little quieter.

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