It Starts

Indeed it does. Perhaps “It” can be defined as November, or maybe something even more esoteric. But alas, no, I am simply referring to snow. The first iceflakes were seen falling in Ithaca yesterday, very briefly. Today there were more of them, and I’m starting to think about turning the heat on in our apartment.

Today wasn’t particularly interesting. I worked on the proofs of my paper (not fun), went to a colloquium that put me to sleep because there was no real new developments since I last heard this person speak, 11 months ago. Next there was a GPSA (graduate student government) meeting that didn’t have all that much happening. Following this, I went to an environmental committee meeting where somebody had proposed and incredibly strongly worded statement. I had to leave early, but I think I got my point across that the statement was inappropriate as it stood, and needed to be ameliorated somewhat. We’ll see what happens in the next draft, I guess. Finally, there was the ballroom dancing class, which continued to frustrate me in its slowness. My partner was not there this evening; the classes are so much more enjoyable when I can just talk/laugh the time away with her instead of just getting bored from having a lack of stuff to do.

And here I am now. Tomorrow is Ballroom Club, which I’m looking forward to. Other than that, not much.

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2 Responses to It Starts

  1. robin says:

    Your blog just got a new reader.

    I can’t believe you survived the last days without turning the heat on in your apartment. We turned it on several weeks ago.
    Nevertheless: Snowflakes are beautiful…

  2. Jolyon says:

    Eh, today was a little chilly, but really not all that bad. It’s going to get a lot worse; that I’m sure of.

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