Proofs are done!

Today’s goal was to turn around the proofs for my paper. I am pleased to report that I’ve finished going through them with a fine-toothed comb, and all my comments are now digitised nicely, ready to shoot back to the publishers once my supervisor gives me the go-ahead. However, this did eat up the majority of my day.

This evening was the third and final week of Cha-cha and Waltz at the Ballroom club. the turnout this week was much lower than the previous three weeks, and there was very little continuity in the attendance – I only knew of two others who had been there the previous two weeks. For the Cha-cha, the males outnumbered the females (an odd inversion from my usual experiences), and so I decided to learn the female/follower part. Given that we barely did anything new at all (what we did do was rather straightforward), it was at least something interesting to do 🙂 So, I spent the cha-cha lesson bouncing around between various guys. I refused to do this in Waltz though; I have a hard enough time with the guys’ part. Our numbers dwindled for the waltz though, down to five guys and three girls (plus the two instructors). I spent most of the lesson walking through the steps by myself, although occasionally the female instructor joined me (and we could actually get through the entire routine, which I thought was impressive). I also stole my friend away from her partner every now and again, but we had a harder time of things, especially with the double reverse turn (which was strange; it worked alright with the instructor, and my friend is generally pretty quick about picking up new things, plus she’s been doing a lot more dancing than I have!). All in all though, an enjoyable evening. I’m glad I took a few weeks off Bridge to enjoy dancing, and I plan to drop in from time to time to take a week off Bridge. It seems that I shouldn’t be particularly worried about turning up for the beginning of a dance either; there’s enough recap 😉

The walk home this evening was particularly chilly – frost was starting to form on the cars, and it was starting to get cold inside the apartment too. I’ve finally succumbed and turned my heat on. 65 F is a good temperature, I feel. Below that starts to get a little unpleasant. I took out my cherry-pit pack last night, too (equivalent of a wheatheat but with cherry pits instead, for you Aussie minded folks). It was surprisingly nice to have a source of warmth in the bed to go to sleep.

Last night I started reading “Liar’s Oath” by Elizabeth Moon, which is one of the preludes to “The Deed of Paksennarion”, a book I really enjoyed and highly recommend. Liar’s Oath continues on from “Surrender None”, and I assume will continue laying down the foundations for the religion of Gird. Nothing particularly interesting has happened yet, but I’ll keep chipping away at it. I tend to read books like this over the course of one, perhaps two days if I’m feeling particularly restrained, but I don’t particularly have the time to do that at the moment, so I’m going to try and be good.

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  1. niroz says:

    What are you talking about? It’s warming up, why would you want to turn the heater on? 😛

    Also, Elizabeth Moon…. why have I heard of her?

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