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This evening, there was a choral concert on campus by the (aptly named) Chorale Society. At least, that’s what I think it’s called. I knew a few people in the choir, so I thought I’d dress up nicely and go along to enjoy the music. It was once again held in Sage Chapel (which continues to be beautiful as always). However, for some reason, the choir sang from the back of the chapel, which meant that the audience was all trying to turn around in their seats to see. Which was really rather stupid. Regardless, ’twas a lovely show. The male contingent of the choir was outnumbered at least 4-1 though, and so for the rest of the evening, I was repeatedly prodded to join by my friends who know I can hold pitch 😉

Afterwards, we went out to a restaurant for some food and desserts and drinks, and followed by that, to somebody’s house to continue fraternising. ‘Twas excellent to be out in good company, and I now have social engagements to occupy myself for the rest of the weekend. A wonderful evening, shall we say.

In other news, thinking of going to Norway for early January. I’m told that that’s just about the worst time to go and visit Norway, in terms of the weather. A friend pointed out to me this evening that that just means that it will make a hell of a story, and thus I should go. We shall see 😉

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