Learn from your Elders

I just found out that Frank Fenner, esteemed Australian scientist, has died. http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2010/11/22/3073007.htm

The hall of residence I lived in when I first came to Canberra in 2003 was called “Fenner Hall”, after Frank Fenner. I had the fortune to meet and talk to him a number of times over the years that I was at the ANU, and I am led to understand that he personally financed part of my undergraduate degree. It feels like a mentor figure has passed away, even though I never knew him all that well. Rest in peace, Frank Fenner.

Otherwise, dancing was cancelled this evening, much to my dismay. We’ll resume our regular scheduling next week, hopefully. Tomorrow is my final exam for C++, so I’ve been studying hard for that (i.e., I spent four hours on it today – I think that’ll do!).

Christmas party secret: we have a fireplace in our apartment. It too will be lit, and we shall have marshmallows to toast and create s’mores from!

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