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Hmm, I just realised that there is no timestamp on my posts, apparently. Therefore, the post I made at 12:01 am last night is marked down for the next day, leading to the confusion on the calendar that I do not update every day. I can clear the waters by commenting that yes, I do update every day, but usually just before I go to bed – and thus the rather variable timestamp (or lack thereof) on the posts!

The exam today was alright. The lecturer made a comment halfway through the exam that confused me on something, and so I changed what I had (which was the correct answer) to an incorrect answer, grr. The rest of the exam should be fine though – I expect a mark in the 90’s. Otherwise, I have a new research project – just to tide me over until Christmas. I’ll be looking at an effective theory for dark energy in a scalar-tensor theory with two separate cutoff scales, including derivative interactions up to fourth order. Should be fairly straightforward, but also something different.

Otherwise, tomorrow I drive to Princeton to spend Thanksgiving with one of my closest friends. For the purpose of this blog, I’m going to call her Ifni. Since coming to the US and actually celebrating it, I’ve spent every Thanksgiving with Ifni, and I see no reason to stop what is becoming a fine tradition. My two closest friends are Ifni, who is only a few hours drive away, and Alphicus, who currently resides in Australia (and is hopeless at communication, *poke poke*).

I realise that I am quite awful at keeping up with my Christmas party secrets on this blog. What can I say? I’m a little forgetful. But fear not – I write down every little bit of secret awesomeness, so I won’t forget it when the time comes!

Today’s Christmas awesomeness: there will be bonbons!

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