Today is the American Thanksgiving, and I’m spending it with Ifni in Princeton. We started the day with a lovely sleep in, but I managed to wake up to catch the last few snowflakes falling before it turned to rain. Ifni says she doesn’t believe me that it was snowing 😉

We went to see the latest Harry Potter movie in the afternoon, which I rather enjoyed. After returning to the abode, we cooked up a storm in the kitchen to get ready for our guest (another friend from Australia). We had a lovely evening of food, conversation, more food, dessert, mulled cider, and Roll Through the Ages. In all, a wonderful day.

Yes, I know, I’m being very brief – but I’m not here to blog, am I? 😉 Happy Thanksgiving, all!

P.S. Everybody should be able to register and post comments now… I think.

P.P.S. Christmas party awesomeness – there will be the most awesomest lasagne in the world, recipe courtesy of an Ithacan friend 🙂

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