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Today was Black Friday. If you say those words in Australia, you’ll conjure up mental images of bushfires. In America though, people get $$ signs in their eyes – the day after Thanksgiving, most stores have big sales, and a lot of people are out shopping. I understand that the “black” part refers to their bottom lines going out of the “red” and into the “black”. Regardless, Ifni wanted to get me a warm winter coat for my Christmas present, and so we went coat shopping in the sales. Thus, I now have a lovely woollen coat that will hopefully keep me warm all winter. I might even post a picture sometime – it does look fairly dashing 😉 Thankyou Ifni!

Otherwise, we went for a run/bike ride this afternoon. Ifni rode her bike, and I ran. We went for about 40 minutes. Princeton is currently in the part of Winter just before it gets all white. I’d rather like to see here in the spring, to see what the browns come to life as.

Otherwise, just spent the rest of the day here relaxing and playing games. If the weather’s nice tomorrow, we’ll probably go for a hike.

Christmas awesomeness – I haven’t had a christmas tree in my dwelling for 8 years now. This year, there shall be one!

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