Hiking to find Forbidden Fruit

We slept in today, getting up well past midday. After breakfast, we traipsed over to the IAS (Institute of Advanced Studies) so that Ifni could show me where she worked. We spent a while walking through the woods of the IAS, which was really quite lovely. Furthermore, I wore my spiffy new coat 😉

After our walk, we had some lunch, and did a spot of shopping. Back at home, I cooked up a pavlova while Ifni cooked zucchini fritters. We enjoyed our dinner of zucchini fritters and the remains of the pasta bake from Thanksgiving. To make use of the egg yolks which remained from the pavlova, we also cooked up some custard. Mmm. Kinda like incredibly sweet scrambled eggs made from the yolks only.

While the pavlova cooled, we had a go at Ifni’s Christmas present – the “A Game of Thrones” card game. It was a decent game. The first go we had at it, Ifni crushed me completely. The second time, I managed to snatch a quick victory. We both agreed that it’s probably a much better game with 3 or 4 players.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with pavlova, it’s a meringue cake. We didn’t have an appropriately sized baking pan for it here, so we used a brownie pan sized thing, and so the cake turned out rather flat, but it still tasted good. While the pavlova I made tonight didn’t quite look like this, a previous attempt did:

The covering is whipped cream.

A first for me tonight was that we had a go at the persimmons that I brought. Ifni had previously told me to grab at persimmons if ever I saw them, and so when they were in Wegmans for $2.50 each, I grabbed two. Somehow, I managed to grab one of each variety. The first one that we ate, the fuyu variety, was decent. I didn’t think it was worth $2.50 a shot though. The other, the hachiya, wasn’t quite ripe, and was rather astringent (yes, I’ve learnt a new word 😉 ). For the uninitiated, astringency is the effect on your tongue when you try to eat an unripe banana or mango. Wikipedia kindly provides that this might be an evolutionary advantage for some fruit trees, because birds apparently are not affected by astringency, and so will preferentially spread the seeds of such a tree much further than if lumbering folks such as ourselves eat the fruit instead. Go evolution 🙂

Christmas party secret: Having mastered the art of mulling apple cider in Princeton, there will be plenty of hot, mulled apple cider present. Mmmm!

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  1. niroz says:

    Heh, I made a pavlova a while back using the exact same topping… Oi, I’m the one around here who reads minds 😛

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