Write a late post

Egads, I’m late! Ah well. Only by 12 hours or so!

Yesterday, after cleaning her apartment satisfactorily, Ifni and I went for a walk around Princeton, wandering around the campus a fair bit, and a little ways through the town. It’s a very cute town. We had some sorbet from a store called “The Bent Spoon”. I left Princeton at around 5 pm, and was again only almost killed by one truck. Otherwise, the drive was fairly uneventful, and I was home by about 9:30. I’m somewhat glad that Princeton is a fair sight closer to me than Boston – that was a fairly long drive.

I was fairly exhausted by the time I got home though; I just pulled a simple dinner together and crashed. I had planned to get some stuff done last night, but it was not to be.

I came across this challenge – to give the first names of a bunch of mathematicians. http://www.sporcle.com/games/Ignis_Umbrae/mathematician_names I didn’t do so well; I could only place 13 names. After the answers were revealed, I recognised about another 6, but there were plenty that I’m fairly sure I’ve never even heard. Feel free to post in the comments how you went 😉 (link courtesy of R)

Christmas party secret: there will NOT be Christmas carols playing! 😉 (Ok, I’m kinda running out of ideas!)

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