Finish Dance Classes

I slept in this morning – apparently my body needed some rest after its relaxation from the long weekend. This morning I pulled together a birthday present for a friend, and this afternoon I went into school to do some work. There was also the physics colloquium, which today was on inertial confinement of plasmas with the aim of achieving nuclear fusion. There were too many technical details for me which I found uninteresting, and so I nodded off. Ah well.

This evening, there was a GPSA meeting. The meeting itself was pretty uninteresting, but I had a lively debate with some of the members afterwards about an environmental resolution currently working its way through the system. The basic proposal is that groups who apply for large amounts of funding should be required to submit an environmental impact statement along with their funding application (every two years). The committee who reads these applications is up in arms because they feel like they’re being given more work, the sustainability committee feels slighted because we were completely left out of the process, and I’m uncertain that the proposed change will lead to anything more than a rubber stamp or lip service. So, I’m not sure how this one will proceed.

Otherwise, we had the final ballroom dance class this evening. A girl from the intercollegiate dance sport team was helping out tonight, which made such a huge difference. The class was certainly one of the best that we’ve had. Perhaps I’ll sign up again next semester… we’ll see.

Christmas party stuffs: You know, I’m just flat out of secrets to give out. Perhaps you should leave me ideas in the comments 😉

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