Have a wonderful day

Today has just been a really good day. I don’t think that it’s been any one thing in particular, but everything has just interfered constructively today, to end up with a big smile on my face.

So, let’s see. My day kind of started with my penultimate C++ class. It was really laid back – there were about 15 people there (out of a class of around 80). We finally heard the potato joke that the lecturer had mentioned a number of times. ‘Twas a decent joke, but unfortunately relied on an Americanism (unless for some reason you Ozzies know who John Madden is? 😉 ). After class, I chatted to a friend online for a while, before grabbing some lunch and then sitting down to do some work. For you physicists out there – theories with higher order derivative terms in them are weird. Just wanted to get that out there. I read for a bit before deciding that I wanted to start doing some calculations for this new project, and so I attacked the key derivation in a paper with gusto. I didn’t quite finish it (that’s what I plan to do tonight), but I got rather close. More interestingly, I found a propagating error in their equations (I triple checked to make sure I was correct!), but I’m not yet sure that it just doesn’t get absorbed into an arbitrary function. Regardless, I think I can finish up the full calculation in a week or so.

For dinner, I went to one of the undergrad dining halls with a friend. We had a good chat, and the food was actually pretty good for a dining hall. They had a broccoli lasagne, which was rather interesting. I may have to try making it myself sometime.

After that I went to the Cornell Ballroom Club for the last lesson of the year. We danced Samba and Viennese Waltz. I need to practise them both a little more, but I think I got the gist of them pretty well 🙂 I had yet another friend for a partner for the evening, and she is not only a wonderful dancer, but has such a bright happy personality you can’t help but smile.

So, not only did I have a wonderfully social day, I got some good work done, I got to dance, and everything was lovely except for the weather. Today was a typical Ithaca day. Drizzle, drizzle, drizzle, lots of wind, and general unpleasantness. However! I decided to wear my lovely new coat today, and I was really pleasantly surprised by how warm it was! I will need a scarf when it gets really cold, but it’s just such a lovely warm coat, and to boot, I look absolutely dashing in it*. I’m sure I shall enjoy it in the coming months – I certainly enjoyed it today, and I think that that contributed to my general wonderful-day-ness also. So, thankyou again, Ifni!

Finally, here’s an interesting story for you. Somebody was crazy enough to attempt a diet of potatoes with nothing more but salt, pepper, thyme, oregano, and a spot of olive oil for two months (radio recording): http://news.bbc.co.uk/today/hi/today/newsid_9241000/9241271.stm

* For certain values of dashing.

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