Forget to post

Eek! Forgot to post last night, ah, alas. However, given that my previous post was sufficiently late, I guess I can make up and not leave a hole in my little calendar thinggy over there :)

Friday was a good day. It started out with a few meetings, and some stimulating conversations regarding effective field theories in physics. Then, the final massage class of the semester, followed by the physics holiday party.

At the holiday party, there was a casino event. In the last 15 minutes, the blackjack payouts went up from 1:1 to 2:1, and suddenly it became a silly game. What was originally 20 or so chips (give or take 15 over the course of the even) suddenly became 65 chips by the end of those 15 minutes. This was sufficient to bid on one of the prizes, which was a wrapped something. I chose an early wrapped something to bid on, thinking that later wrapped somethings would dramatically rise in chip price, and so was awarded a mystery wrapped something. It contained a cheap stapler, and a massively oversized calculator. Awesome!

After the casino event ended, I went to the other hall, where there was apparently food, as well as a dance floor. I managed to ignore the food entirely and just hit the dance floor. There was a lady from the front office in physics who I wanted to drag onto the dance floor (and had threatened such), but she wasn’t present, and so I dragged one of the other office ladies out instead. There weren’t many people dancing, however. Kinda felt good to be able to dance and not feel stupid ;-)

Finally, there was the skits. For the first time in three years, the faculty put on a skit. It turned out to be a shaggy dog story (“theorists making coffee”), but was well appreciated nonetheless. The first year skit, while having its moments, wasn’t the best I’ve seen. Of course, since my year’s productions from first and second year, nothing will ever compare, but it’s nice to see them try. Ok, ok, I’m getting off my high horse now ;-)

Afterwards, I went to a salsa dance party in the Big Red Barn on campus. A couple of friends had told me to come, but none of them showed up (boo). Salsa was interesting. The beat wasn’t particularly steady, and it seemed remarkably easy to get off beat. Unlike swing, where if you’re off beat it doesn’t matter, because you’re dancing in 3′s against a 4 beat anyway, if you’re off beat in salsa, you’re just off beat. Despite the differences, I enjoyed putting a whole lot of swing dance moves into the movements.

Finally, a parcel arrived for me yesterday, containing (among other things) a pudding basin. The pudding shall soon be made!

And now, a quote which I rather enjoyed: “It turns out that particle physics is a lot more complicated than you’d think. That holds true even if you think it’s really, really complicated.”

Have a good one, wherever you are!

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