Decide to start saving

It’s been a fair while since I’ve actually had spare money floating around. I paid off my car earlier this year, leading to me actually having some money for the first time in a long time. There have been a few large expenses in the past six months though, including car insurance, a trip home, exorbitant dentist bills (and pathetic dental insurance), a new computer, and the expenses associated with moving to a new home. Also, I’ve taken the associated pay cut this semester from not teaching or grading at all. Regardless, for once I do have some cash sitting in the bank, and so I’ve decided it’s time for my savings account to actually do what it’s supposed to do. I’ve decided to siphon a portion of each pay check into my savings account, and actually start building up some life savings again. So hurrah, my savings account (in this country at least) is happily being used for the first time ever.

Today was cold. I stayed at home for most of the day working on my equations (and I actually got somewhere for a change, which was nice). I went to dinner with a friend who is about to go home for a month, which was lovely, and we finished off the last of the Christmas pud. We found that the brandy doesn’t light so well outside. I think it was too cold out there, but we were nervous about the sprinkler system inside at her place. Afterwards, I went to the Space Sciences game night, and played a funny little game called “Nuns on the Run”. It was amusing.

Now I’m back home and ready to sleep. Housemate still hasn’t emailed me photos yet. Soon, I hope. He’s leaving on Friday! Otherwise, I’m starting to feel the beginnings of being sick with a cold – just that feeling in the back of your throat. Ugh. Unfortunate. It’s been 6 months since I’ve been sick though, so I guess I should count my blessings. I’m quite often sick more than twice a year.

My sister’s ATAR (the new version of the UAI) score was released today – she did very well, and I’m very proud of her. I’m still trying to convince her to study science at my alma mater; she’s starting to think about pharmacy. I think science is better, and I’m not biased at all. Really 🙂

Allow me to leave you with a cute statistics animation that a friend forwarded to me. It’s quite nicely presented; I do recommend watching it. It’s not too long. Hang on, it’s a youtube video. Thus, here it is. Enjoy!

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  1. niroz says:

    Yes, that is awesome. If you ever find a link/torrent of that doco do tell me.

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