Fall Sickly and Party Photos

Ugh. Yesterday (Thursday) I came down sick. I felt the start of it on Wednesday evening, and here I am now. Really not much to report. I’ve been drinking lots of lemon and honey tea, lots of water, taking my zinc and vitamins and echinacea, but overall I feel pretty awful. Thankfully, it’s mostly just the throat and a feeling of grogginess in my head. Hopefully it’ll be over soon; I’m taking things very easy for the moment.

My housemate got around to sending me his photos of the party. I’ve picked out a few to display here. (As usual, clicking on the picture will present you with a higher resolution version of it).

Firstly, our decorations. We have a tree!
We also have a lovely fireplace!

We even had guests! Most of my housemate’s pics were taken without any of us knowing; this is one of the better ones…

And finally, a nice shot with a close friend. You’d think somebody could have told me that I looked like a goat before this shot was taken, surely? My friend, of course, looks radiant (she usually does – she’s like that…).

It’s going to be a quiet weekend while I rest and recuperate. If I’m feeling well enough, there’s yoga on Sunday morning, but I suspect I may not quite be up to it. We’ll see. I don’t have anything else planned, currently, although I might do a spot of shopping if I feel alright.

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