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Tonight’s entry comes from my living room, where I am sitting on a lovely couch in front of my fireplace (complete with lovely warm fire), with the Christmas tree lit up next to it, and Chopin’s series of piano preludes tinkling in the background. C’est la vie, no?

I felt better today, which I was pleased about. Not entirely better, but well enough to be up and about. I felt like I’d been cramped in my room for too long. Instead of turning on the electric heating for the living room and kitchen area, I decided to light the fire, and it has been dutifully burning for the past 8 hours or so now. It’s nice and warm inside 🙂

I didn’t feel well enough to do physics work today (I could have, but it wouldn’t have been very productive); instead I decided to do housework. You know that feeling when you’ve been sick and you feel like your germs are splattered about everywhere, and you just want to clean the place up completely? Well, that’s what I did today. I emptied out all the garbage and recycling, I did all my laundry (including tablecloth, towels, sheets, doona cover, dishcloths, the lot!), I vacuumed the entire house (barring my housemates’ rooms), cleaned the bathroom completely, cleaned the kitchen completely, made the whole place spick and span. It looks pretty good now, if I do say so myself!

There was a mild interruption at about 4 pm, when I realised that my housemates had left me with no quarters for the laundry. I typically go and buy $50 worth of quarters and leave them in a container in the bathroom, so that we can do our laundry. My housemates then leave money in the form of notes in the container for the quarters they use. This works well until your housemates leave for various destinations, and do all their laundry beforehand, and don’t tell you that you’re out of quarters. A hurried trip downtown to the bank rewarded me with a new supply of quarters to utilise, although I really didn’t feel quite up to a trip downtown.

Otherwise, I’ve eaten well, the place is clean, and I’m feeling pretty good. A good night’s sleep, and hopefully I’ll be in at school again tomorrow.

I’ll be sleeping without my teddy bear tonight, and possibly tomorrow night too. I’ve had my teddy bear for 6 or so years now; he was given to me by an old girlfriend. He’s a very good teddy bear – very soft and cuddleable. When I buy teddy bears for people, I try to get ones in his likeness, because he’s so good. So far, I haven’t found his match 😉 His name is Dufus. I realised earlier this week that he’s been living in America for three and a half years now, and hasn’t had a bath for all that time. Thus, this evening, I gave him a bath, and he’s drying off in the bathroom as I type. Given his tendency to absorb water, I’m guessing it will take a while for him to dry. It’s ok though – I’ll sleep with Wussel the Wombat instead, whom was given to me by Ifni for my birthday last year.

I’ve arranged my travel plans for Christmas. I’m going to stay in Ithaca for Christmas day itself, and head up to Canada on Boxing day. I’ve got some friends still around in Ithaca (although they’re few and far between) whom I hope to do things with over the next few days, and my bridge partner has invited me to join her and her family for Christmas dinner. On the 26th, I’ll head up to Montreal city to visit my aunt Lucie. On the 27th, I’ll head further North to a small village called St Donat, where my uncle Jean has a lovely chalet. I’ll stay there for a few days, before heading down to Dunham to see my grandparents and other assorted relatives (they have an orchard there, and a number of family members work on the orchard). The family is having its big get-together on the 1st of January at the farm in Dunham. I’m currently booked in to play bridge in Ithaca on the 3rd of January, so I’ll probably leave Canada on the 2nd of January and drive back to Ithaca. I’m looking forward to the trip – it will be nice to see everyone again. I won’t get to spend so much time with my uncle Gilles who has been very helpful to me here, alas. His family will be staying around Toronto/Ottawa for most of the break, and I don’t feel like driving around too much. I’ll see them in Dunham however.

The family plays a party game at Christmas, which I have discovered is a variation on the White Elephant Gift Exchange (made popular by one Ezra Cornell, apparently – small world!). People typically buy presents of about $25-$35, and then the mayhem ensues. Given that none of the people who will be present at this gift exchange read this blog (at least, they haven’t told me that they do, and I haven’t told them that I write it!), I feel safe in saying that I’ve ordered a remote controlled helicopter for my contribution – a number of the families have children who I think would rather enjoy it. One of my housemates bought one earlier this year to play with, and we have rather enjoyed it, so I hope it will be a success.

Hmm, a long entry tonight, apparently. This is what happens when I’m sick for a week. Well, I should be off to bed. A merry Christmas to all!

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