Apartment Piccies! (Dec 2010)

Here is a short walkthrough of my apartment, in pictorial form. You can click on the individual photos to see a bigger version.

First up, my front door. It’s almost Christmas, so I put a bow on the door. I didn’t feel like having a wreath, so a bow it is.

Upon opening the aforeposted door, this is the sight that will greet you (as well as a kitchen off to the left, coming up). One corridor, voila.

Here is the promised entrance to the kitchen, which is just to the left of the above photo.

A more detailed look at our kitchen, highlighting the all important kitchen sink.

Another kitchen shot. This time, you can see a lot of mandarins and lemons, as well as the fact that our kitchen opens out into the living room. This is convenient, and I rather like the openness.

Backtracking out of the kitchen and along that corridor a little ways, we get a nice view of my living room. The floor has new carpet and the couches are new too. I rather like it.

Turning left, we see down another corridor. At the far end, you see the entrance to one of my housemates’ bedrooms. This is the dining table, complete with lovely tablecloth. I give you one guess as to whose tablecloth it is. It may help if you know that there is only one tablecloth in the apartment.

Another living room shot. Here, you can see my orange piano, complete with Christmas decorations.

Looking back into the kitchen, this time from the other side. More Christmas decorations!

And another kitchen shot. This time, you can see that we do have a stove. Alas though, it’s electric. I much prefer a gas cooktop. Electric rings just aren’t the same.

Here you can see our lovely entertainment system (currently in a tinsel edition). There’s a rather large TV, and a lovely sound system there too. One of my housemates has a PS3, an Xbox, and a Wii. However, they don’t get used all that much.

Here you can see the Christmas tree and fireplace, which I was enjoying yesterday evening.

This is heading down that second corridor. From the left to the right, we have the entrances to the bathroom, housemate #1’s bedroom, housemate #2’s bedroom, and my bedroom.

A quick shot of the bathroom. Really, nothing much to see here (apart from the fact that we have two sinks for some reason).

The entrance to my room. If you click to enlarge, you may recognise what I’ve got stuck on my door. Then again, you may not recognise it at all.

Here you can actually see into my room. I’ve got the blinds open for the photos, both to look pretty and to bring some light into the room. However, I usually keep the blinds shut in the winter, to keep the heat in.

Here you can see more of my room, as well as the fabled frogidifier, which I promised to take a photo of a while ago.

Another shot of my room…

and a picture of my desk. I rather like the setup.

And yet another photo displaying my lovely bed. You can see my exercise ball in this photo. The poster which hangs over my bed has been dubbed by a friend as “The LHC swallows up the world in a black hole!”

Here’s the corner to my little room. It’s amazing it all fits in, really. It’s quite a squeeze! Overall, my room is almost exactly 3m x 3m, plus a small wardrobe.

Here is my desk. I also have a mirror on the wall. Lucky me!

And here you can see out my windows. Note the snow. It wasn’t there two days ago. There isn’t much of a view out my windows, really. It faces Northwest, so I really get very little sun in here.

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