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A pretty good day today. I still didn’t feel up to going in to school, but I did do some work from home. Given that the house is currently spotless, I decided to take photos and post them here, given that I haven’t shown my new abode to any who aren’t living in the vicinity. I’ll upload them in a separate post.

I did a spot of shopping this evening before bridge. Alas, BestBuy was out of copies of Alias (I was after the second season). I did pick up a lovely acrylic scarf though. So soft! Much nicer than the awful woollen thing I have from a very old high school. I wanted slippers too, but felt a bit woozy after a while, and decided that going home and resting a bit before bridge was a prudent option. I also bought a mystery item, but I’ll leave it at that until tomorrow.

Bridge was fun this evening. We only had three and a half tables, so the night went quickly; we were done by 9:30, which is quite unusual. There were a lot of fun hands too – in the 20 boards that we played, my partner and I bid slam four times. One of them made legitimately (best defence takes it off, but not an obvious play). One of them made because the defence didn’t lead a spade (off 5 tricks off the top in spades! That’s what you get for a 1NT – 4NT – 6NT auction!). One of them was an unfortunate 6H contract in a 4-3 fit, as partner had made a misbid in a strong sequence, and went down one. 6C, the contract we should have been in, makes. The final slam was a good slam, but clubs broke 4-1 as did hearts, they didn’t break in the same hand, and I didn’t have a threat left over in a third suit to run a double squeeze. Unfortunate. Partner made the play of the night though, in a 4H contract. She claimed the contract after 7 tricks, which was legitimate, but didn’t state a line. One of the opps asked her to play it out, and so she did, and took a ridiculous line. It turns out she’d miscounted trumps, and so was overruffed on a trick, which was ok, because that was an overtrick. Then, she continued on, and was overruffed _again_ – she’d miscounted trumps by two! Of course, the claim was legitimate if she just said “I’m now going to play two rounds of trumps, and then cash my 4 good clubs”. Le sigh 😉 I only made a fool of myself once, when I misremembered that we don’t actually play puppet stayman. A good night of bridge though.

I had been planning on picking up a pizza after bridge on the way home, but given that it was 9:30, and somebody had mentioned split pea soup at the bridge club, I decided to cook split pea soup instead. After all, it’s cheaper, healthier, and far better for me at the moment, I’m sure. Alas though, it will be ready at midnight. So, I’m just waiting for it to cook now.

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