Have a lovely Christmas

My Christmas Eve and Christmas day were absolutely lovely. On Christmas Eve, I had lunch with a friend who returned to Ithaca just for Christmas (he was a postdoc here who has now left). It was good to see him again. In the evening, another friend (who is stranded in Ithaca) came over for dinner. We had a lovely long heart to heart talk, and she ended up staying rather late into the evening! I really appreciated having the wonderful company for Christmas Eve though. I’ve had a few lonely Christmas Eves before, and having somebody special to share it with was really nice.

On Christmas Day itself, I went with this same friend to the movies, and we saw Tron Legacy (in 3D). The movie was pretty, but the plot was rather so-so. My friend and I ended up giggling to ourselves as we made snarky comments about the scenes. Afterwards, we retired back to my house, and enjoyed a lovely Christmas lunch of leftover pasta from the previous night, lovely bread, orange blossom tea, and a persimmon. The hachiya was a little overripe, but quite lovely, and of course, I do like a good tea. We ended up chatting for another few hours, before I had to leave for my Christmas dinner. A local family (my bridge partner’s) had invited me to join them for Christmas dinner, and it was quite a nice dinner. I ended up being a little late as time slipped away while talking to my friend, oops!

Overall, it has been a lovely couple of days, and I couldn’t have asked for better company. Tomorrow, I leave for Canada to spend a week with my relatives up in Quebec. I’ll try to keep updates going, but I expect my blogging will be somewhat patchy.

A Merry Christmas to all, and I look forward to seeing everybody in the new year!

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