Return home from Princeton

Egads, I know my postings are way overdue now… Back on Friday, I left Ithaca and drove down to Princeton to visit Ifni for the weekend. I very much enjoy that the drive to Princeton is only 4.5 hours; visiting her in Boston was a 6 hour drive 😉

The weekend was wonderful. My sleeping patterns are completely screwed, but it’s a small price to pay. Saturday was fairly relaxing, while on Sunday we went into New York City to see Wicked on Broadway. The show was absolutely excellent, and I’ve had the music to it running through my head ever since. After the show, we went to a vegetarian Korean restaurant called Hangawi, where we enjoyed a lovely dinner.

Alas, last night I couldn’t sleep at all. I had an alarm set for 7:45 am, and I didn’t sleep a wink before my alarm went off. I reset the thing to 8:15 am, and managed to get a little bit of shuteye somehow. Usually when this sort of thing happens, I take Valerian root tablets, and I ease into sleep quickly. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring any with me to Princeton. I needed to drop Ifni off in town this morning, but instead of continuing the drive home, I went and picked up some Valerian tablets, and came back to her place to get the sleep I had been denied 😉 I ended up leaving at about 5:30 pm, and am now back in my apartment, eyeing my bed. What are the chances I’ll fall asleep if I lie down on it?

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