Run out of food

Well, not quite. However, I was rather disappointed this evening when I looked in the fridge and the pantry and noted that there was very little I could cook with the ingredients at hand. I shall have to rectify this and go shopping soon.

Today was moderately productive. Moderately, because I finished what I knew I wanted to finish today. But only moderately, because I really didn’t accomplish all that much more than that. Bridge this evening was so-so, but at least it was enjoyable. I talked to my dad this evening, for the first time in over three weeks. It felt like it had been a while. Nothing particularly interesting or important to note, though.

Apparently I chose a good time to go and visit Princeton. While I was away, Ithaca recorded a daytime temperature (8amish, I am led to believe) of -17 F/-27 C. That’s freaking cold, and I’m glad I wasn’t around for it 🙂 Tomorrow day, well, maybe I’ll finally get a key to my new office. Tomorrow night is dinner with a friend (the same one I spent Christmas with), which I’m looking forward to. Otherwise, nothing particularly much to report. I’m currently going through some introspection, and that can be a good thing, no?

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