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I’ve just finished the submissions process for my second scientific paper, which is now in the hands of the editors at Physical Review D (PRD). I’m fairly happy with this paper; it doesn’t have anything particularly deep to it, but it has some nice calculations in it. And, unlike the previous paper, there shouldn’t be anything controversial to it. Of course, this paper has been around on the arXiv since September, but that’s what happens when your advisor is busy and insists on reading everything through carefully before actually submitting to a journal. Myself, I’ll be glad not to ever read that thing again, I’ve put so much time into it. Of course, I’ll end up reading it a few times more as the proofing process goes through, which I’m not looking forward to. But that’s part of the job, I guess 😉

This second paper represents the conclusion of my first big project in this PhD. The results are nothing special, but I managed to do the calculation that I set out to perform (and then generalize and exceed the initial expectations by a long way), and I’m a little bit proud of that. Alas, we didn’t find anything special, and I’ll be surprised to see many citations for either of these two papers. But it’s a start.

And now, on to bigger and better things. I’m currently juggling two projects: one is a very low-risk calculation, while the other is highly speculative. The first will get lost and become a blip on the datapile that is the internet. Maybe the second will get my name out there 😉

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