Live life (but gripe about it at the same time)

I have been involved with environmental groups and committees on campus at Cornell for a while now. There’s been some friction recently between various factions, and the net result has been to decrease my interest in the matters. I’m still a staunch environmentalist, but I’m just not so interested in working with the groups that I have been working with. Combined with my recent decision to decrease my extra-curricular activities, it seems time to let it all go. The spate of emails I received in political arguing today simply cemented my resolve to bow out. Furthermore, this afternoon I informed the Lights Off Cornell! executive committee that I’ll be easing my way out of this project as well. It felt good to make these decisions, so that I can focus on my work. It’s time to get serious.

This evening, I had dinner with my friend. It had been almost exactly a month since we’d sat down together and just talked, and we both had stuff to confide in each other. It helped to lift a load that I had been carrying, and it was a lovely evening to boot. So, thankyou. You know who you are 😉

Tomorrow, classes start in earnest. I’m taking two courses this semester, essentially. There’s an undergraduate course in the use of Mathematica in physics; given that I have only a basic proficiency in Maple and almost no working knowledge of Mathematica, I figure that it should be kind of fun. There’s an associate professor who is also sitting in on the course, so I figure we can have fun sitting up the back making snide remarks. I’m also sitting in on the graduate level general relativity course that my advisor is teaching. I should know the material well, so I think a refresher is a good idea. It’s easy to forget stuff when you don’t use it all the time. He’s also planning on doing different specialised topics this year, so I should learn some new stuff too. Finally, I’m a half-time grader for the course (along with another student in my group), so I really won’t have any excuse 😉

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