Get a new office!

Finally, today, I managed to acquire a key to my new office. Of course, this meant that I got fairly little work done today, because I ended up chatting to lots of people in my new neighbourhood. But it was nice. The building is really quite pretty, and I’m looking forward to spending more time there.

I attempted to purchase a copy of Mathematica today. The only legitimate copy of Mathematica I have ever owned was version 1. I’m not sure that that will even run on machines nowadays! They’re up to version 8. Alas though, the store was sold out of copies. Hopefully they’ll have some in next week. I’m auditing a class in which the aim is to learn how to use Mathematica, and that doesn’t work so well without the software 😉

Otherwise, I had dinner with another friend this evening. You know, these two friends, last night and tonight, I mention often enough here, that I’m going to give them names. Move over Ifni and Alphicus, you have company. Last night’s friend shall be Seri, and tonight’s friend shall be Aris, named after awesome characters from “Liar’s Oath” (except Aris was a male in that story, but I’ll use the name to refer to a female here). Aris and I had dinner together almost every week last semester. She went home just before Christmas, and so it had been about five weeks since I’d seen her. We enjoyed a lovely dinner at a Chinese restaurant, although they were out of fried icecream, boo!

This evening, I just felt like lying down and reading, and so I finished Book 2 in the “Sharing Knife” series by Lois McMaster Bujold, “Legacy”. This book didn’t have me groaning as much as the previous one, and in all, I rather enjoyed it. It had a few gems of laughter towards the end 🙂 It was a fairly easy read, in all. Wide spacing between the lines, thick pages, a blank page before the start of most chapters, wide margins… The size of this book is false advertising, I claim! I should stop borrowing books from Ifni – I tend to read them in two or three gulps. And she’s still got a fairly large collection of books that I haven’t yet read 😉

Tomorrow will be busy. I have a number of meetings, a seminar, choir practise, bowling, and iceskating to attend. Hear about it all tomorrow!

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