Unexpected Delights

I had a few unexpected blessings today. The first occurred when I looked at my bank balance, and realised that being a grader this semester means that I get paid more! Sure, it’s not much more, but an extra $100 per paycheque is nice. I’ve been good about putting away $100 from each paycheque into savings since December, maybe I should increase this amount to reflect my increased income 🙂 I suppose this blessing wasn’t entirely unexpected, but I certainly hadn’t remembered it!

The second unexpected blessing was a present from a friend who went home to Taiwan over the Winter. She brought back a little set of wooden chopsticks and spoon for me, complete with a little rest and bag to put them all in. It’s very cute. Here’s a piccy, alongside my lovely teapot (currently filled with orange blossom looseleaf tea) and the corner of my laptop:

I went to yoga this morning, and came home for lunch and the above pot of tea. Swing dance class was in the afternoon. It’s now 5 pm, and I’m planning on making up a large batch of pasta sauce to tide me over the week for dinner. I’m highly unlikely to get all the Lights Off programming done tonight, but I might be able to get all the EYH stuff done, so I’m going to take a crack at that. I wanted to get the Christmas decorations put away this weekend as well, argh… where did my weekend go?!

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