I hate February

I don’t have any deep objection to being sick. It’s part of life. I do have an objection to being taken out for a whole week, which is effectively what has happened now. There is something wrong when you wake up at 1 pm after 12 hours of sleep, try to do stuff for 5 hours, and then feel “ugh… I need to go back to bed now.” I finally got around to going to the doctors today. I probably should have gone yesterday, but the lure of the bed was too much for me. Apparently, I look rather healthy – throat is fine, lungs are fine, no temperature, normal blood pressure, steady, normal pulse (at least, 60 bpm is normal for me), just these headaches and sinus issues. Perhaps a sinus infection? Here, nasal spray + antibiodics. If you don’t feel better soon, come back. If you get worse, call us. I feel terrible about the lack of productivity this past week – I’ve really accomplished nothing. Hopefully I’ll feel well enough tomorrow to have a productive day. As it stands now, my 5 hours are almost up, and I need to get back to bed.

Oh, and why do I hate February? First year in the US: glandular fever (mono). Second year: heart … somethings. Third year: feeling of general awfulness (and vitamin D levels at a quarter of what they should have been). Fourth year: sick again?! At least this year, my vitamin D levels are being supplemented…

Wish me luck for tomorrow. It’s kind of sad when the luck you want is for getting out of bed in the morning.

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