50 hours of trivia!

This weekend was the 32nd annual contest by the KVSC radio station, based in St Cloud, Minnesota, 50 hours of trivia! It’s a kind of crazy competition that since the introduction of the internet, has devolved into a challenge of team’s googling skills. I’m usually terrible at trivia, but I’m decent with a search engine, apparently. Our team this year consisted of 9 people, which was far too small. We didn’t have people doing stuff for all 50 hours (4 am is a really tough time, you know?), but the time we did spend we did pretty well at. Two years ago, we had a much bigger team, and we managed to do fairly decently. We just weren’t so organised this year. As happened to me last year, some of the organising people were at conferences this year, and so we weren’t as strong on the organisational side of things. It’s actually quite addicting and a lot of fun, and next year I hope to get a big turnout. If we could get some folks in Oz to join us, that would be great (and we could all get some sleep!). Middle of February folks. Let’s have some fun!

Ah well. I maybe spent 15 hours this weekend doing trivia stuffs. Otherwise, I got my fortnightly grading commitment out of the way, and also got back to practising the piano. I’ve got a performance in about ten days now, so I figure it’s time to start putting in some work to polish off this piece.  Anyway, now it’s time for bed and a new week – I’m hoping to get a lot of work done this week, now that basically all my sources of distraction have been dealt with. Wish me luck.

Edit: I also wanted to point out this depressing blog post, pertaining to science funding in the US. Wake up, Republicans…

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