Monday, wherefore art though gone?

So, today went by rather quickly. I felt like I didn’t get any work done until after 5, given the way I was running around all day. Meetings, more meetings, class, colloquium, and then a cancelled meeting. I gave in to my stomach at about 9 pm and came home, had a quick dinner, and practised the piano for about an hour. My fingers are sore 🙁 Apparently I’m out of practise.

The TV show Jeopardy is currently running a three day series on a machine vs the best two players in the show’s history. I missed tonight’s instalment, and I’m going to miss tomorrow’s as well, but I hope to catch Wednesday. A housemate watched the show tonight, and said it was rather interesting, with the machine not completely dominating the show, complete with some huge blunders. Should be interesting to watch.

Tomorrow should be reasonably busy. I hope to finish up a calculation in between two classes, three meetings, and ballroom club. Wish me luck 🙂

This story was so cute, I just had to post a link to it. Go and read it. It’s short.

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