I’m not sure that that word actually has anything to do with my day. But it describes what I’m feeling like. Is that even possible? To be honest, I don’t particularly care.

Classes were ho-hum today; I still don’t understand exterior calculus integration from my professor’s lecture notes, but it’s on my list of things to read up on this weekend. Mathematica continues to be fun to toy with. Today I calculated the Ricci scalar in my metric in it, and it returned ugly results. Welcome to General Relativity.

Otherwise, I went ice skating this afternoon with a good friend, and we had a lovely chat while skating around. It was good to spend time with her, and some exercise to boot. I know I get little enough of that.

The research work I’m currently hitting my head against is annoying me. What I tried last night was apparently correct, although I’d missed an important simplification that my advisor pointed out to me this afternoon. Not an obvious simplification, but an important one. I still haven’t gotten my equations to work yet though. I have high hopes for the linear order tomorrow, and if I get really lucky, maybe even the quadratic order too.

This evening I attended a committee meeting for the GPSA (Graduate and Professional Student Assembly) charter review committee. Basically, our task is to go through and amend the charter to make it better, for some arbitrary definition of better. Part of the discussion tonight (and a 3 hour discussion it was) involved the integration of the environmental sustainability ad-hoc committee into the formal documentation. The proposal to do this has been going on for more than a year now, and I’ve been intimately involved with it, having been a part of the sustainability committee since its inception. However, the decision finally reached tonight was that there is no place within the GPSA for a committee devoted to graduate student sustainability issues, and that such a task is better suited towards a student interest group. However, ensuring that sustainability is promoted in the function of the GPSA was written into the purview of a separate committee. A reasonable compromise; not one that I was expecting, going into the meeting this evening, but reasonable nonetheless. Regardless, it feels a little strange to finally be told “No.”

Thus, I guess, the feeling of extemporization.

I visited Aris on the way home. She’s doing well. I’m going skiing on Saturday.

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