The end of the weekend

We had lovely weather on Friday. It got to 10 C, which is impressively warm. A lot of the ice that was looking ugly melted away, and we all breathed a collective sigh of relief for Spring. I, however, was grumpy, as I wanted to go skiing on the weekend. Different sigh from me. Saturday morning came, however, and we had a blizzard. I was suitably impressed with the weather’s mind-reading skills, but the blizzard was too bad to go skiing in, and so I didn’t. I hoped to go skiing on Sunday morning (this morning), but alas, my to do list was too long this weekend, and I didn’t even get through half of it. At least there’s plenty more snow forecast for the next few days; hopefully it’ll stick around long enough for Ifni to enjoy it for skiing (Ifni’s coming to visit in just over a week).

Otherwise, the weekend was semi-productive. I got stuff done. I got a lot of grading done. I didn’t get much work work done. But it was relaxing, I have food to eat, and life is good. I’ve been practising the piano for more than an hour a day of late. I’m looking forward to the end of this concert on Thursday; I don’t have the time to practise an hour a day, really…

I think this week is going to be hectic for me. My list of things to do is long, my diary is looking pretty full, and, well, I just hope I can take some time off and go skiing next weekend.

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