Finish a commitment

I have just finished coding the very last thing on my to-do list for the Lights Off, Cornell! project. I began this project a year and a half ago, when I noticed that a large number of lights were left on overnight at Cornell, and that it wasn’t all that hard to turn them off. The project attempts to get volunteers to go and turn those lights off at night, and to date has turned off about 80,000 lights. The project is now being run by a committee, and as part of my endeavour to reduce my extra-curricular commitments, I’ve been phasing myself out of it. That’s not to say I didn’t have a hefty to-do list for it. As I created the website that runs the machinery, I’ve had to make sure that my successor can administer the program, and that’s meant tying up a lot of loose ends that I knew how to do via the back door, but can’t expect anybody else to figure out. I estimate that I’ve put in somewhere on the order of 500-800 hours into this project now, and that’s enough for me. My to-do list is complete (finally), and now I can stop worrying about it. Someone else has been running the project for about six months now, while I provided support. And now, I can finally step back from that support role, and say I’m done. Good luck to the team – I’m sure you’ll do just fine without my assistance.

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