Play in a concert

So, I finally performed in that concert tonight. Last night, I’d played the piece through almost perfectly, to my ears. However, tonight, it was awful. The piano that I was performing on had a very heavy touch, which was great for big sounds and Beethoven chords, but not nearly so nice for Ravel flourishes and shimmer. I didn’t play many notes wrongly, but a lot of notes just didn’t sound. Regardless, everybody thought it was a stunning performance, and I think only my housemates knew that what they were hearing wasn’t what they should be hearing.

Afterwards, I came home and played through the piece again. And, dare I say it, I played through it perfectly. Stupid concert piano with a heavy touch… I wasn’t the only person complaining about it – somebody else was playing a Chopin Etude (#24, if you’re interested), and described the keys as feeling like playing with mud.

A housemate suggested a celebratory feast for the evening, and so we cooked up a storm in the kitchen, and ate very well. So very, very full now.

I just wanted to cheer that the Australian parliament finally established legislation for a nuclear waste dump. Maybe that’s the physicist in me talking.

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