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Feel like a muddle-headed wombat

Ugh… I haven’t posted for a few days, because there’s really been nothing to post about. I thought I was going to get off lightly from this cold, as Sunday drew to a close. Alas, no, Monday was worse than … Continue reading

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Write from a new computer

So, this is it – my first blog post from my new laptop. Very shiny 🙂 Not much to report today. I slept in late (probably didn’t help that I didn’t set an alarm, right?), and I’m sure my body … Continue reading

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Make your 101st post

Wow, lotsa posts. Go me, go me! Ok, over it now. I came down sickly today. ‘Twas not fun. For the portion of the day I’ve spent conscious, I’ve been arguing with my new computer. Nothing critical, just Dell being … Continue reading

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Make a Snowman!

Well, there’s a lot to say today. I think I’ll start with yesterday though. Yesterday was a fairly normal school day. I spent most of it playing with Mathematica, learning various things about it. I found it slightly amusing that … Continue reading

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