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I’m getting bad at posting here, alas. It seems that as soon as I get busy, I post less. Now, a correlation doesn’t imply a causation, but I think I know what’s going on here 😉

This weekend just gone I went skiing on Sunday. We’d had a dump of about a foot of snow on Friday, so I thought it would be lovely, and indeed, there was a lot of snow. However, I learnt about “slow snow” – snow that is sufficiently wet and heavy that the trails become bumpy and slow. I enjoyed myself, and even attacked the rarely open slope that’s moguls top to bottom, but my legs were jelly after about four hours!

I must have slept funny or something on Friday night; on Saturday, I felt like there was a crick in my upper back that I couldn’t stretch out, and it was rather painful. I couldn’t turn my head very far, and just walking hurt. It was painful enough to take ibuprofen, which is incredibly rare for me. I made an appointment with my chiropractor for Monday morning, and hoped that I’d survive the weekend. This morning, my chiropractor cracked my body around a bit, and said that I’d done a doozy and should come back in later in the week. At least I can walk around without being in pain now though!

This morning, I also had blood drawn for a blood test, to check out my Vitamin D levels. This time last year, I had disturbingly low levels, and was put on a course of high dosage supplements for about 6 months to get me back into normal ranges. I’ve been taking a daily supplement of 2000 units since then, but figured that it was time to see how exactly I’m doing, and if I should be on megasupplements once again. The test results should be in in a few days, and we’ll see how much sunlight I’m not getting then 🙂

This week, Ifni is presenting to my department, and she’ll be staying for most of the week. I’ve spent most of this evening cleaning up the apartment and my room, and getting ready for her. Good first impressions, you know? My room is cleaner than I think it ever has been (although I do have a pile of bank statements to work my way through), and overall, I’m rather pleased. Tomorrow, I just need to get through a whole lot of grading.

Nothing much else is going on at the moment. Ifni’s visit will keep me preoccupied for the next week or so, but I’ll try to post a little more frequently than I have been 🙂

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