Voicelessly social?

An unremarkable day at the office. Back to the doctor, who said that I should be getting better by now, time for a more offensive take on this cold (antibiodics). With regards to the voice (or lack thereof), they said to stop trying to speak. “It should come back in 10-14 days”, and “don’t strain to use it”. Bah! I like my voice! It’s, you know, useful!

I went to the ballroom club this eve, for American Foxtrot and International Rhumba. Given my lack of voice, I made a nametag for myself. It read as follows.

My name is Jolyon. I can’t talk. A student didn’t like the grade I gave them and cursed me. (No, it’s not contagious)

Most people thought that I was acting a part, and thus took my honest attempts to convey meaning via lip movements as an impressive effort at staying in character for some reason. One student was upset when I explained to them (difficultly) that no, it’s not that easy to curse the graduate teaching assistants you don’t like 😉 Otherwise, the lessons were enjoyable, and I found a particularly good new partner who was just a joy to dance with.

I wonder if I can rent a voice from somewhere for a couple of days? I have social engagements to be at! (The MS text-to-speech engine is hopeless. Don’t suggest that!)

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