Remove hacked material

Ok, so that wasn’t fun. But, all the hacked material is now removed from my webserver, and as an added bonus, I found out how to export my database stuffs from the server to my computer. Yay 🙂 Of course, now is having conniptions (why isn’t that word in firefox’s dictionary? grr), and the stats for my blog (which alerted me to the hacking in the first place) are down. Joy. Anyway, that was enough fiddling with the computer. Thankyou for giving me the opportunity to spend time that I didn’t have, internet. I just hope that things start working again properly sometime.

Otherwise, today was alright. I slept in, my body demanding such of me, and me willing to give in to its demands in the hope of making it feel better. In the afternoon, I went to have bubble tea with a friend who wanted to talk. I’ve referenced her a number of times now, so I’m going to give her a name for this blog: Ekaterin, after the character in the Vorkosigan Saga by Lois McMaster Bujold. Anyway, I still don’t have a voice. We’d planned for a lovely long chat over “coffee” (or equivalent), only to find that this was likely to be a one-sided discussion, and we’d have to schedule again for later to have our good long chat. However, once we sat down, I brought out my laptop so that I could type what I wanted to say, and we talked away for over two hours quite happily. Of course, that was mostly her doing the talking and me listening (not having a voice makes you a rather good listener!). We’re going to attempt it again once I have a voice, so that I can do all the talking instead 😉 All in all, a lovely afternoon.

Otherwise, not much to report, other than that I’m sick of having no voice. Grump.

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