Be productive (again?)

Ok, this is kind of crazy. Go and look!

Today was marked by the suggestion from my advisor that the line of attack I’ve recently come to for the problem I’m currently working on looks rather like a covariant formulation; perhaps I should try doing the entire calculation in a covariant formulation? This turned out to be a brilliant suggestion, and terms started dropping left, right and centre. This is useful, given that my original expression took me 15 pages to write out. I just got to the end of the calculation, feeling like today has been more productive than the past month, when I discovered that it looks like I made a small mistake somewhere (factor of 2 type of thing). That’s ok; I need to check that I’ve got this right anyway (and write it up, while I’m at it).

I decided to start writing up my results using LaTeX, and found that I needed to install the Tensor package for LaTeX to do so. And found, to my dismay, that my version of LaTeX is deprecated, and I need to install a new version. Boo. It can be a pain to install a new LaTeX version, because you need all your programs to find the right paths to everything, and every now and again, something doesn’t want to work for you.

Otherwise, my blog is no longer hacked, and thus no longer getting 400 visitors a day. Back to the usual 2-3 🙂

What else happened today? Still don’t have my voice back, but I can manage to stutter out some sounds now (although I try not to, because it sounds awful, and it can’t be good for letting my voice heal!).  That made for an interesting group meeting, where I wrote results on the blackboard, and pointed between things to try and show what I was up to!

This evening, I went out to dinner with Aris. We’ve been trying to get together for dinner for about four weeks now, so it was good to finally do it. We went to Taste of Thai, where rather than old faithful (the pad see-ew, which is generally terrific), I decided to try the pad kee-mao, which turned out to be rather nice also. We finished off with a dessert of sticky rice with mango. Mmm!

Ah, but the new version of LaTeX is finished downloading – time to go and install it. Wish me luck!

Edit: Oh, just wanted to add… I had a weird dream last night, where I brought a lawnmower with me to a two-week science camp, but forgot some essentials, like a towel!

Second Edit: LaTeX reinstalled successfully! Yay!

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