Work from home

‘Nuff said? I got a lot of little things done today, some of which had been on my to-do list for a relatively long time. I didn’t get any research work done, however; I plan to spend tomorrow doing that 🙂

Last night, a friend I hadn’t talked to in a long time appeared online very late at night, and I spent an hour and a half talking to them until very late in the morning… It was lovely to chat to them, but ugh, I’m feeling the sleepiness now!

Otherwise, I typed up a new recipe on this blog (a very simple lentil recipe), and did something stupid. I’ve been playing with computers for two decades now, and I’ve had my own laptop for about 5 years. Today was the first time I’ve spilt anything on the keyboard, and it had to be juice… It’s, well, it’s a mess. I took out the keyboard and cleaned the innards of the computer, which are fine. I tried cleaning the keys as best as I could, but the right side of the keyboard is… really sticky. All the keys still work, but they just don’t rise back up after you press them like they should. It’s actually really annoying to type on! At least it was on my old laptop which I don’t use much anymore, but it’s still a pain. Perhaps I should look into getting a new keyboard for my laptop? I wonder how much that would cost…

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  1. niroz says:

    you couldn’t lift off the individual keys and clean them?

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