Lose your falsetto

This is a little weird. My voice is basically back, although it doesn’t sound quite right still. However, as I discovered this evening, my falsetto is completely silent. It feels rather strange. I guess it will come back in its own time, but it’s strange to try singing without it! (Not that it’s particularly finely honed at the moment anyway…)

Last night, I discovered a fatal error in the code for the Lights Off Cornell website that I programmed last semester. I isolated the problem to a particular line of code which links the website to its database, and got very confused. That line of code had been working fine for a number of months now, and for it to stop working suddenly was rather perplexing. I further isolated the error to the webserver aspect, rather than the database aspect. Eventually, I gave up on the problem, and reported it to my point of contact for such things in the university. She hadn’t a clue either, and so we logged a ticket with the IT helpdesk. A few hours later, I clarified the ticket with more details, and went to run the script to get a log of the error, only to find that it had vanished. Stupid transient server issues… *grumble grumble* That was a few hours, thankyou.

Otherwise, today I booked my flights to the APS April meeting, for the end of April/beginning of May. It’s being held in Anaheim, CA, which is basically where Disneyland is (near Los Angeles). However, I couldn’t justify the cost of a hotel room for another night in that area, combined with another day off work, and a $76 entry pass, to spend a day in Disneyland. I think it would be far more fun to go with friends than by myself, anyway. The last time I was there was way back when I was four years old, so it’s been a while! I also pulled together my grant application for conference travel.

Ah, that’s what else I spent time doing today: I had a long, leisurely lunch with a friend I hadn’t talked to in a while, which was nice. Bridge this evening was terrible – although we by and large played sensibly, nothing we did was right (and a lot of stupidity on opponents’ behalf paid off for them, too). Enough said. Oh, I ordered a new keyboard for my laptop too. My housemate insists that I should be able to clean the old one by removing it from my computer and rinsing it in hot water, then allowing it to dry thoroughly, but that really doesn’t sound like a great idea to me, and I’m ok with getting a shiny new keyboard for my old laptop anyway 😉

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