Mint flavoured milk!

Not much to report today, in all honesty. My housemate and I went shopping, cooked up a nice Indian-style meal, I did work. Outside, it’s been snowing all day – there should be a good few inches of accumulation by tomorrow morning, and it’s forecast to continue snowing tomorrow. I’m seriously contemplating going skiing!

A while ago, I noticed a shop advertising for mint flavoured milk. I didn’t get it, but it piqued my curiosity, and I later went to try and find it, only to find that they did not stock it anymore. My housemate suggested a while ago that we try and make our own mint flavoured milk, and today, we actually remembered this while in Wegmans (the grocery store). We picked up some green food colouring, and some peppermint oil. When we got home, we decided to try this out – we added a little bit of food colouring to milk to make it green, and then started adding peppermint oil, stirring it in well. A few drops of oil didn’t make the milk taste of anything. A few more drops of oil and we could taste a faint tang in the aftertaste. A few more drops, and the oil was starting to form a visible layer on top of the milk. And it still didn’t taste any good. Really. We decided that we were probably doing something wrong, and so we gave up. However, that peppermint taste was now stuck in my mouth, and it didn’t matter what I ate to try and get rid of it, it was still there. Even after dinner! Ugh. Warning, kids: Do Not Try This At Home!

I thought I’d leave you with a beautiful picture that Bing gave me yesterday, that I liked so much I wanted to share it with you all here. It’s a lava flow from near Kalapana, Hawaii. Enjoy.

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  1. niroz says:

    Heh, I remember when me and Jarrah were really bored, so we put breath fresheners in our coke. Definitely nothing to write home about, but it did pass the time.

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